Verizon plans another 1,400 miles of 100G in EU

Verizon extended 100G capabilities on its European ultra long-haul network by 350 miles in 1H13, however the expansion is still a fraction of that on its US network.
The US operator upgraded its network between Brussels and Frankfurt in the first half, taking its total 100G coverage in Europe to 5,100 miles. It plans to add 100G to another 1,400 miles of the network in 2H13, however the commitment is dwarfed by its goal of adding another 8,700 miles to its domestic ultra long-haul network during the period.
Verizon extended its US network by 4,500 miles in the first half, bringing total 100G coverage to 21,400.
Kyle Malady, senior vice president of global network operations and engineering at Verizon, says the firm is already considering expanding its networks in other regions, in response to growing demand for core backbone capacity.
“As long as our bandwidth demand grows, we’ll continue deploying high bit-rate technology,” Malady says, adding the firm expects to “begin new regional deployments next year.”