Virgin blasts "anti-competitive" UK IPTV scheme

Virgin Media has slammed the BBC-backed Project Canvas scheme, claiming it will destroy the market for online TV.
The ISP said the project jeopardizes the future development of next generation TV in the UK because it is anti-competitive and restricts consumer choice, in a 74-page complaint filed with regulator Ofcom.
Project Canvas is a BBC-backed venture between UK broadcasters and carriers to create a common on-demand IPTV platform. Partners include the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, BT, Arqiva and TalkTalk.
However, a Virgin Media spokesperson told the firm believes the partners have gone beyond the scheme’s original remit, and is “now intent on controlling every aspect of how people watch TV.
“The BBC Trust has already acknowledged, but then completely ignored, the impact that Canvas will have on so many different organizations; from consumer electronics firms to software developers and enterprising new technology manufacturers to independent programme makers,” the staffer added.
While the BBC said it was willing to discuss Virgin’s complaint, it states it remains focused on launching Project Canvas in 2011 the BBC reported.
The BBC Trust – the broadcaster’s governing body - gave the green light to the scheme in June, despite objections from some pay-TV providers.