Virgin offers open bandwidth

Virgin Media Business will today unveil an unlimited fixed-line internet tariff for business users, in its first big move since re-branding from ntl Telewest Business in February.
The Big Red tariff will offer unlimited bandwidth to companies for no additional fees and without the need for network upgrades, which Virgin says are two of the key limitations on businesses currently.
A 100Mbps service will be offered to companies with small bandwidth growth requirements, while mid-sized organizations can opt for a 1Gb service.
Virgin Media Business boss Mark Heraghty said the firm will leverage its fiber optic network in the UK to offer the service. “In 2010 telecom providers shouldn’t be acting as gatekeepers to what British businesses need in order to innovate and grow - bandwidth,” he said.
Heraghty’s view is borne out by research conducted for Virgin by LM Research, which found that IT staff typically spend up to 45% of their time dealing with restricted bandwidth and associated problems.
The study of 1,000 IT professionals also found that 69% believe restrictions on business internet bandwidth is stymieing their company’s business, while 64% said it has also affected their personal career development.