Visa develops payment solution for G1

Visa is developing mobile payment software for the new wireless phone powered by Google's Android system, an Associated Press report said.

San Francisco-based Visa said Android users will be able to receive near real-time alerts about purchases via their mobile devices, Visa said. Users also will be able to use location-based mapping technology to find ATM machines and nearby stores where they can redeem special Visa offers.

The software will be broadly available to US consumers by the end of the year, starting with holders of Chase Visa cards, the Associated Press report said.

Visa's announcement came two days after T-Mobile USA showed off the G1, the first phone harnessing Google's ambition to make the internet easy to use on the go. The T-Mobile device is schedule to hit US stores October 22.

The nation's largest payment network also signed a deal to give users of Nokia's upcoming 6212 Classic-model cell phone the ability to make 'contactless' payments in stores just by flashing their phone at an electronic scanner.

Similar 'contactless' capabilities for Android users are still under development, Visa said.