Voda chief calls on Verizion Wireless and China Mobile for greater collaboration

Vodafone's CEO, Vittorio Colao, has indicated to Verizon Wireless and China Mobile that greater co-operation between the three firms could provide significant benefits to subscribers, and that their joint purchasing power should be used to obtain substantial savings from handset and infrastructure vendors.

Colao said in an interview with the Financial Times that, with China Mobile being dominant in China, Verizon Wireless being very strong in the US, and Vodafone having significant operations in Europe, Africa and India, there was the potential for much better collaboration. "If these three companies could work more closely ... in the management of customers, procurement and service creation, we could be unbeatable."

The three firms agreed last year to co-operate on 4G technologies--the first time all three will potentially have a common technology platform to base their service development efforts and joint procurement plans upon.

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