Vodafone Germany goes for 'Best Connected' broadband

Looking to set the benchmark for fixed/mobile broadband convergence, Vodafone Germany has unveiled new software that allows users to prioritise available broadband connections (3G, WiFi or fixed) and then switches automatically between them as they become available. Labelled "Vodafone Zero Click Connect"-albeit a new version of the firm's mobile broadband PC dashboard software--the application is initially aimed at the business sector, although there are rumours it soon will be launched in other European countries (most likely France next), and might also be positioned for the consumer market.

According to Vodafone Germany, users will be able to choose between manual, prompt and automatic handover modes, although Vodafone has revealed that, in general, users will most likely be encouraged to manually switch access bearer at the outset. The company claims the software can be configured so features can be switched on or off according to requirement---for example there are both contract and pay-as-you-go options available in the same unit--which can then be set by the reseller. For prepaid, the dashboard is similar to a WiFi hotspot page, letting the user know how much balance is remaining and offering top-up voucher code entry.

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