Vodafone Germany promises network revamp to boost quality

Vodafone Germany will soon begin the largest overhaul of its network in recent years as the operator seeks to improve customer services and network quality.


Jens Schulte-Bockum, the operator's COO who will take over as CEO in October, said the project, is part of the "Vodafone 2015" initiative taking place across the telecoms group. He said the program is designed to reverse the impression that the telecoms industry is "slow, complex and opaque."

"The telecommunications industry hasn't got a really good image," Schulte-Bockum told Teltariff.de. "Those who deliver top-quality products, services and networks will create a real customer experience. We are good at these three points already, but there's no reason not to do better."

This action will see the operator start to revamp its 2G and 3G infrastructure, while LTE deployment will continue as planned across Germany.

Schulte-Bockum also promised that hotline support would improve by reducing wait time and by offering a more "comfortable" service. Better customer service would also be provided in Vodafone stores, he said.

However, the emphasis appears to be on improving network performance: with Schulte-Bockum stating: "In terms of network quality there is no compromise."

Separately, the company confirmed that it plans to have nationwide LTE coverage by early 2015, helped by its use of 800 MHz spectrum, according to Teltariff.de.

To push subscribers to adopt LTE, the company announced at the recent IFA conference in Berlin that its Superflat Internet Plus tariff is now on offer for €10 per month, while its 12-month Superflat Internet Allnet service can now be purchased for €49.

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