Vodafone hangs up on another director

Just when investors thought Vodafone's boardroom gyrations were over, the mobile giant hung up on yet another director, a report from London's Daily Mail said.

According to the report, Thomas Geitner is being squeezed out as boss Arun Sarin tinkers with his April group reorganization.

Geitner ran the nascent innovations arm, set up to package mobile phones with landline calls and broadband access, as well as find new revenue streams from advertising, the report said.

But the division was being folded into Vodafone's European division, where falling call charges and competition were hitting margins, the report said.

Geitner refused alternative roles, but his 12-month contract meant he could pocket 1.25 million pounds ($2.3 million).

The report said Geitner's departure in December meant that Sarin had cast off most of Vodafone's old guard that dated back to the Sir Christopher Gent era.

Several directors had retired, but long-serving marketing director Peter Bamford was sacked for presiding over Vodafone's "underwhelming" launch of high-speed 3G services, the report said.