Vodafone Italia launches ad-supported mobile video

A new service called FreeVideo has been launched by Vodafone Italia that will enable its 29 million subscribers to access local and branded video content for free in return for receiving adverts from major brands.

Users with 3G-enabled handsets should be able to opt-in to watch free news, sport, comedy and music clips from media brands such as e-Class, Dorna and Digital Magics. However, the central ad-servers provided by Amobee will investigate the user's profile and contextual information and select a relevant 'pre-roll' video ad, followed by the video content and then a 'post-roll' ad.

According to Vodafone Italia, the launch of this FreeVideo service has needed the involvement of QuickPlay Media to manage the streamed video content and also enable the dynamic real-time stitching of ads provided by the Amobee platform and FreeVideo content.

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