Vodafone opens carrier wholesale division

Monday was a busy day for the wholesale segment, with the launch of a new carrier services business, a suite of tools for long-distance voice providers and two new IP exchanges.

Vodafone announced the imminent launch a new Carrier Services business, which will provide wholesale fixed and mobile voice and data services to operators globally.

The new business has been created through the combination of Vodafone's carrier services operations with the equivalent assets of Cable & Wireless Worldwide (C&WW), which Vodafone acquired in 2012 for just over £1 billion (€1.17 billion).

Vodafone said its new business already has around 1,000 customers and partners worldwide.

India-based Tata Communications meanwhile debuted Voice Business Apps, a suite of hosted tools and managed services to help operators manage their international voice services.

The app collection includes virtual PoP capability for operators seeking to send their voice traffic over Tata's IP infrastructure but retain control of their own routing.

The managed tools and services include billing and provisioning tools, as well as a system to help balance cost and quality for individual calls.

TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) meanwhile TeliaSonera IPX, an IP exchange with over 200 PoPs.

At launch, the exchange carries the company's roaming and signaling portfolio and VoIPX. The company will add LTE signaling services later in 2013.  TSIC's 100G optical network spans North America and Europe.

Not to be outdone, interconnection provider XConnect and GCS subsidiary GCXS jointly launched the Dutch Interconnection Alliance (DIA), a carrier-neutral IP exchange in the Netherlands.

The exchange will offer IP interconnection, number portability corrected routing and tools to manage and set policy controls for each interconnection.

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