Vodafone partner Cognatel pushes to launch 6 new MVNOs

Cognatel, which operates as a mobile virtual network aggregator, is preparing to launch six new MVNOs in the next six months on Vodafone's UK network in addition to the seven it already manages. Cognatel said these new virtual service providers will include a fixed line telco and a well-known retail brand.

Cognatel CEO Mark Ashdown told Mobile Today there is growing demand from large brands looking to reach new and niche markets via the MVNO market. "It was always our ambition to be the MVNA (Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator) partner of choice and we are very much seeing that happen now with the number of MVNOs that are choosing Cognatel as their partner," he said.

Ashdown said Cognatel could assist brands reach their target markets by helping them create and manage their own mobile presence. "We are bringing some really exciting brands to the market over the next three to six months," he said. "There is a lot of momentum."

Commenting on its MVNA relationship with Vodafone, which it inked in 2010, the Cognatel exec said it selected the operator because it had the most developed wholesale model. "We have a very supportive relationship with them," Ashdown said. "Over the two years we have been with them they have proven themselves to be real partners."

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