Vodafone plans very sticky mobile portal

Vodafone plans to enhance its mobile portal to make it a recognized point to call for cell phone subscribers. The company said it would look to integrate its fixed-line website more closely with its mobile portal Vodafone Live!, which features content and services from partners including the BBC, Facebook, Google and Sky.

"The current experience of Vodafone Live! will pale into insignificance against what we have planned and we'll replicate that online," said Vodafone's consumer business director, Ian Shepherd. "We're developing the mobile Internet fast and online in parallel with that. We want the website to be a place that's meaningful and useful so that customers bookmark it and come back to it regularly." He added the company was planning a series of online tools, such as the ability to manage contacts and media, as part of the revamp -- which is where recent Zyb acquisition might come in to play.

So far, Orange is the only European carrier to treat its website as anything other than a storefront, something Vodafone now wants to emulate, or surpass.

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