Vodafone Spain launches BlackBerry device

Vodafone Spain and Research In Motion (RIM) launched the BlackBerry device for corporate and individual users in the country.

In a statement, the two firms said the BlackBerry 8707v provided mobile users with the connectivity they required in a sleek and stylish design. This would operate on Vodafone's UMTS network in Spain.

The UMTS network enables BlackBerry 8707v users to speak on the phone while simultaneously sending and receiving email, browsing the Internet or using other mobile data applications.

The BlackBerry 8707v can also be used as a wireless tethered modem, allowing users to connect to the Internet using their laptop.

"We have an excellent relationship with RIM and we are pleased to offer the BlackBerry 8707v with UMTS support to our customers for the first time in Spain," said Antonio Aleman, director of Vodafone Spain's enterprise business unit.

"In addition to enjoying the various BlackBerry applications on the UMTS network, our customers can also use the device as a modem to access the Internet through their PC, giving them the added benefit of broader connectivity when they are on the move," he added.