Vodafone Spain rolls out push-to-talk service

Vodafone Spain is deploying Motorola handsets with push-to-talk function and server solution to subscribers nationwide.


Vodafone will initially offer the one-touch communication service to business customers, and plans to extend the solution to other subscribers over time, a news release said.


"Vodafone is continuing to drive the market for new subscriber services and their deployment of push-to-talk is a prime example," said Jose Figueroa, corporate VP and general manager of Motorola Networks, EMEA and LAC.


Vodafone business subscribers will be able to choose from a variety of Motorola handsets, including the ultra thin SLVR L7 or the slim V360v flip phone, all of which feature Motorola's best-in-class user interface, providing a simple, intuitive PoC experience.


Subscribers will be able to engage in walkie-talkie style mobile phone conversations with either individuals or groups of colleagues.


The service also offers Vodafone business subscribers a one-touch dedicated button to presence-enabled phone contacts, providing them with the flexibility of making calls, as well as sending mobile messages easily.