Vodafone stalks Nigerian operator

Having been successful in its bid for Ghana Telecom, Vodafone has now moved its attention to Nigeria. The company has been in negotiations with Nigeria Telecommunications Ltd (Nitel)--in which the state government presently holds a 49 per cent holding, about improving the telecom infrastructure, if Vodafone was given the opportunity.

Nitel's VP, Goodluck Jonathan, has told the CEO of Vodafone UK, Paul Donovan, that the government is keen to conclude the privatisation of the telco to quickly resolve the present performance problems being experienced with the service. "It constitutes a national embarrassment and it's the government's intention to hand over the management of Nitel to a competent telecoms company." Without qualifying how such a firm would be selected, Jonathan said that Nitel would be sold to the 'best bidder.'

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