Vodafone to stop data download abuse, intros out-of-bundle charges

Vodafone UK has stated that it would no longer offer unlimited data packages and, from 1st June, would charge users when they exceed their soft cap of 500Mb.

The company claimed it had made this change to make "it fairer for everyone, and to protect its network from data abuse." Strangely, Vodafone said this change to its T&Cs would exclude the iPhone and Google Nexus One, but would include popular new models like the HTC Desire and Legend, which have a 500Mb monthly data limit.

Currently, Vodafone subscribers are allowed to exceed the 500Mb total, only being challenged if Vodafone believes they are abusing its 'fair use' provision. However, some users have suggested doubts as to the company's ability to implement these new conditions given that it would appear to violate Vodafone's own T&Cs of providing one month's notice of such a change.

Vodafone said it would charge £5 for every 500Mb that is transferred beyond the 500Mb of data bundled with most phones, while customers without a monthly bundle will pay 50p for every 10Mb after the first 25Mb. "We're introducing a real-time notification service to be completely transparent about these charges and keep customers in control of their spend," said a company spokesman.

Vodafone has attempted to snuff out the growing tide of uproar by claiming that only a very small fraction of subscribers ever approach the top end of their data bundle.

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