Want an iPhone? There's a case for that

Chinese mobile users who want an iPhone but can't afford the 4999 yuan ($807) price tag have a cheaper option, thanks to a locally developed case that can transform an iPod Touch into an iPhone.
The "Apple Peel 520" is the brainchild of Shenzhen-based Yosion Technology and went on sale online in August, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The case comes with a dock connector, an extended battery and a SIM card slot. Slip it on an iPod Touch and you can make phone calls and send SMS messages.

It's not quite that straightforward, according to Chinese web site PConline, which reviewed the Apple Peel ahead of its official release. The iPod needs to be jailbroken so users can install the iPhone's voice calling and text messaging apps, which lose some functionality as well.
Either way, with the case priced at 388 yuan, and an iPod Touch retailing for around 1500 yuan, it's a bargain compared to the pricier iPhone.