Was T-Mobile hacked?

Hackers cracked into T-Mobile USA's servers and stole proprietary operating data, customer databases and financial records, according to several reports.

The purported hackers said they had tried to shop the info to T-Mobile's competitors, and the companies declined the offer. The hackers were said to be looking to sell the data to the highest bidder.

T-Mobile did not confirm or deny the news. “The protection of our customers' information, and the safety and security of our systems, is absolutely paramount at T-Mobile,” the carrier said in a statement, according to a post on Engadget Sunday.

“Regarding the recent claim, we are fully investigating the matter. As is our standard practice, if there is any evidence that customer information has been compromised, we would inform those affected as soon as possible.”

T-Mobile was the target of a 2004 hack by Nicholas Jacobsen, who was later arrested by the US Secret Service. He pleaded guilty in 2005.

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