Webwire: Android could make MS $1b; Sony Ericsson targets TD-LTE

Microsoft could make almost $1 billion (€699 million) a year in handset patent licenses covering Google’s Android operating system.
Sony Ericsson will co-operate with China Mobile to develop TD-LTE phones, as it seeks to cash in on a growing global market for China’s 4G standard.
Facebook is offering Skype video calls as part of a new five year strategy to develop applications that build on the firm’s existing social network.
Twitter is in negotiations over an investment round that would value it at as high as $7 billion (€4.8 billion), as it continues a strategy of pursuing private placements rather than conducting an IPO.
Chinese search firm Baidu is teaming with domestic TV manufacturer Huashu Media Internet to offer Web services on-screen.
Former Flextronics executive Walter Shimoon faces 30 years in jail for leaking confidential information about Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPad.

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