Webwire: Android powers Google ad revenues; Vodafone wins Nexus S

Analysts predict Google will earn up to $1.3 billion (€953 million) in advertising revenues from Android in 2012, but note the figure would still account for just 4% of forecast full-year revenues.
Vodafone has secured a global distribution deal for Google’s flagship Nexus S smartphone.
Orange is ditching Google's DoubleClick online advertising platform in favor of rival OpenX in all its operating countries, in a sign the smaller player is becoming a serious contender in the market.
Apple has already started production of the successor to the iPad, which will be lighter, thinner and have more processing power, memory and a faster graphics chip, sources claim.
India has been rocked by two fresh telecom scandals – one covering the award of free mobile broadband spectrum to the nation's space agency, and the other involving the appointment of broadband wireless access franchises by BSNL without upfront payments.
The Catholic Church has approved a new iPhone app that allows worshippers to confess their sins online, although the developer stresses it is not intended to replace confessional booths.