Webwire: Apple 2Q falls short; Huawei hit in pocket

In a rare miss, Apple has posted second quarter results that failed to match Wall Street expectations, despite a 20.7% increase in profit to $8.8 billion (€7.2 billion). Apple stock fell over 5% in the wake of the announcement.
Huawei has reported a 22% decline in operating profit for the first half to 8.79 billion yuan (€1.1 billion), blaming fierce competition in the telecom equipment industry and slower spending by some of its customers.
Analysts, developers and retailers tip Amazon to launch as many as six new tablets, in a variety of sizes, as it seeks to expand its mobile presence to stimulate more sales of digital goods.
Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet has been banned across Europe ahead of an Apple patent infringement lawsuit in the US. The iPad maker is seeking $2.5 billion €2 billion) in damages.
Sources claim Nokia is negotiating with European carriers for handset exclusive deals for its Windows Phone 8 Lumia phones. But observers are skeptical whether “doing an Apple” is the right move for the fledgling Lumia range.
Small businesses account for 78% of US mobile app companies, and hold a majority share of the top app categories on iOS and Android devices, new research shows.
The US president's council of advisors on policy and technology (PCAST) has recommended that the Obama administration make more spectrum available for new wireless networks, with the stipulation that a large portion of the wavelengths be shared.