Webwire: Apple denies e-book conspiracy; EverythingEverywhere cuts jobs

Apple denies allegations from the US Department of Justice that it conspired with major book publishers to raise the cost of e-books.
UK mobile joint venture EverythingEverywhere will cut around 100 jobs from its retail team as part of plans to consolidate some Orange and T-Mobile stores.
Hot on the heels of its $1 billion (€768 million) acquisition of mobile photo sharing app Instagram, Facebook has spent an undisclosed sum to acquire mobile-based shopping rewards company Tagtile.
The US FCC is seeking a $25,000 (€19,207) fine from Google for being uncooperative during an investigation into the Street View Wi-Fi packet data collecting controversy. But the regulator is not penalizing the company for breaking laws regarding unlawful interception of communications.
The European Commission will take longer to rule on Vodafone, Telefonica, O2 and EverythingEverywhere’s plans to develop a mobile payment system in the UK, citing concerns the companies may be able to block rival services from emerging.
Chinese companies have expressed an interest in participating in Thailand's upcoming 3G auction, according to the vice chairman of telecom regulator NBTC.
A US judge has ordered the company that had been hosting the Megaupload servers to retain the mountain of data while negotiations continue over who should pay to maintain the files.
China Telecom and China Unicom deny that a disruption of internet services - which left Chinese users briefly unable to connect to international sites and vice versa – was caused by infrastructure problems on their ends. Some have speculated that the government was testing an emergency “internet kill switch.”