Webwire: Apple faces LTE battle; US giants seek Wi-Fi boost

Samsung is threatening to immediately sue Apple if it launches an LTE-capable smartphone. The South Korean vendor holds an estimated 12% of the world's LTE patents.
A coalition of US groups backed by Google and Microsoft plans to roll out “Super Wi-Fi” on white spaces spectrum to university campuses in the nation from early next year.
Apple and four major print publishers have offered to allow Amazon and other rival eBook retailers to sell eBooks at a discount for the next two years, in an attempt to settle an EU antitrust probe into alleged collusion on price fixing for the digital products.
Facebook has ramped up efforts to remove “likes” from business and other Facebook pages that have been achieved fraudulently or through misrepresentation.
Sources claim Apple will face supply chain problems for its latest iPhone, because vendor Sharp hasn’t started producing screens for the device. The vendor is tipped to launch the latest device this month.
Cambodian authorities have arrested Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg at the request of the Swedish government, which has an international warrant out on him for failing to show for his copyright violation jail term.