Webwire: Apple mulls music streams; Nokia fixes Lumia pics

Apple is reportedly in talks with record companies over introducing its own music streaming/internet radio service, similar to the popular Pandora.
Nokia has been forced to admit that photographs as well as a video purportedly taken by its new Lumia smartphones were in fact shot by a different camera and with professional backlighting.
With two days left until the deadline, Google has secured around 21,000 pre-registrations for its planned gigabit fiber service in Kansas City - around 10% of people in the coverage areas. But experts estimate that take-up will need to be at least 20% for the service to be profitable.
Nigerian police have started round-the-clock surveillance of all mobile phone towers, after a series of attacks on infrastructure in the north of the nation, allegedly conducted by militant Islamist group Boko Haram.
An online retailer who pursued a strategy of abusing some customers to solicit negative reviews and complaints, and thus drive up his store's search rankings, has been sentenced to four years' jail for allegedly threatening some customers with murder or rape.