Webwire: Apple prepares e-book trial; Larry Page denies Java e-mail

Apple wants to go to trial to defend itself against allegations that it conspired with book publishers to raise the price of e-books, according to its lawyers.
Google chief Larry Page claims no recollection of being advised to license Oracle’s Java in an e-mail from an employee. The staffer was reporting on efforts to develop an alternative to Java for the Android OS.
Mobile ads represented just 5% of total spending on digital advertising in 2011, but the segment is growing rapidly - total mobile ad spend was up 149% over 2010.
Verizon Wireless plans to sell the coveted 700-MHz spectrum it acquired for $4.4 billion (€3.3 billion) in a 2008 auction – but only if regulators approve its controversial $3.6 billion deal to acquire spectrum from a group of cable companies.
Government body Public Safety Canada believes plans to lift the foreign ownership cap on telecom companies pose a “considerable risk” to national security.
Google's Gmail has recovered from an hour long outage affecting around 2% of the 350 million users of the web mail service.
Indian handset vendors and operators will soon be required to list radiation output levels on mobile phones and in retail stores, under new legislation coming into effect on September 1.