Webwire: Apple readies cash plans; NSN reveals new COO

Apple is ready to spill the beans on its plans for a cash pile of $98 billion (€74 billion) today, with expectations high the firm may pay its first dividend since 1995.
Nokia Siemens has appointed Samih Elhage to the newly recreated post of chief operating officer. Elhage most recently served as an advisor to the private equity and management consultant segments.
US operator Sprint Nextel has withdrawn from its $9 billion (€6.8 billion) partnership with beleaguered wireless startup LightSquared, and will now pay a $65 million break fee.
Sources say the US FTC has commenced a probe into whether Google bypassed Apple's privacy settings by planting cookies into the Safari web browser, and if Google's broke privacy promises to the FTC by doing so.
Researchers claim Facebook fuels narcissistic tendencies in users, with the most self-obsessed having a large list of contacts and being most likely to regularly update news feeds.
Web access is more important to users than coffee, alcohol and even personal hygiene, a Boston Consulting Group study claims
A US radio show has retracted a segment broadcasting excerpts from a one-man show exploring working conditions at Chinese factories manufacturing Apple products, after it emerged the monologue includes fabrications.