Webwire: Apple refunds iPad buyers; Oracle rebuffs Google patent offer

Apple is offering refunds to Australian customers who feel mislead by the inclusion of the term ‘4G’ in advertising for its latest iPad, after the country’s competition commission took legal action against the firm.
Oracle has rejected Google’s offer of a percentage of Android royalties in a patent dispute between the pair.
China's vice premier Li Keqiang pledged to strengthen intellectual property protections in China during a meeting with Apple chief Tim Cook.
Huawei hopes to ship 60 million smartphones this year, up from 20 million in 2011 and 5 million in 2010.
The US is edging closer to passing new laws enabling start-ups to raise funding via the web.
US transport safety chiefs claim tech firms have a hand in jeopardizing driver safety, by slowing efforts to remove distractions.
An Indian parliamentary panel claims the Department of Telecom has a cavalier attitude to illegal telecom networks, which the panel states now number 500.