Webwire: Apple's bosses stock worth $376m; People's Daily plans flotation

Apple CEO Tim Cook's $900,000 (€703,431) base salary for 2011 pales in comparison to the 1 million restricted stock units he also received, which are currently worth around $376 million.
Chinese state-run news agency People's Daily aims to raise around 527 million Yuan (€65.2 million) by listing its online news portal, people.cn, on the Shanghai exchange.
Internet regulator ICANN is attempting to appease concerns from bodies including the UN and the International Monetary Fund over the potential for cyber squatters to seize important web suffixes including .un and .imf under the new expanded TLD regime.
Huawei has unveiled what it says is the world's thinnest smartphone. The Huawei Ascend P1S is just 6.68mm thick.
Chinese vendor Lenovo is planning to launch the first smart TV to use Google's Ice Cream Sandwich OS in China during April.

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