Webwire: Apple's Siri praises Nokia; Facebook price still rising

Nokia has accused Apple of overriding Siri software to modify its response to the query “what is the best smartphone ever,” after it was discovered that Siri would respond by naming the Nokia Lumia 900.
Facebook’s potential value continues to rise, hitting a range of $93 billion (€73 billion) to $104 billion after the firm increased its target price range for a forthcoming IPO.
Apple is preparing to beef up its iCloud service with a new picture sharing function that allows users to comment on photos posted by other users.
Yahoo shareholder Third Point is reckoned to have made $122 million (€96 million) on share price rises in the wake of the departure of chief executive Scott Thompson.
Google plans to alter its strategy for Android by providing early access to new builds of the OS to multiple vendor partners, rather than just one.
India's Enforcement Directorate is probing Bharti Airtel over allegations of money laundering and infringement of rules governing foreign exchange usage.
The industry body representing Indian GSM operators, COAI, has slammed a new regulatory recommendation to charge a lower base price for CDMA spectrum than GSM airwaves.