Webwire: Apple vies for Nasdaq lead; No more Symbian for NA

A surge in Apple's share price pushed its market capitalization beyond energy giant Exxon for part of yesterday's Nasdaq trading. The tech firm’s market cap reached a high of $347.3 billion (€241 billion).
Nokia's US chief says the company will stop selling feature phones and Symbian smartphones in North America, concentrating instead on direct deals for Windows Phone 7 devices with wireless operators.
Nokia Siemens Networks will extend its manufacturing facility in Chennai, India by nearly 50%, and increase the number of product lines produced there to 33.
Facebook has launched a standalone mobile messaging app for Android and iOS smartphones named Facebook Messenger.
US police are investigating allegations from Verizon Communications that striking employees have cut fiber, cable and phone lines.
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is hunting for more female contributors, to fill gaps in the user-edited encyclopedia that the site's primarily “26-year-old geeky, male” editors lack the expertise to address.

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