Webwire: Ballmer supported by MS board; US demands IP data retention

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has the backing of the company's board against a challenge to his leadership from hedge fund manager David Einhorn, who predicted the downfall of Lehman Bros.
US politicians have introduced a bipartisan bill that would require ISPs to retain user IP address records for up to 18 months.
Google's Street View fleet has spread to India, with cars initially roaming the streets of Bangalore, despite the continuing tensions with some governments over privacy concerns about the service.
Greece's finance ministry has asked Deutsche Telekom to raise its stake in domestic telco OTE, as the country seeks to sell its 16% holding to alleviate its massive debt burden.
The rumor mill is in overdrive after US deputy defense secretary William Lynn dodged questions about the country’s involvement in developing the Stuxnet worm during an interview with CNBC. The worm targeted Siemens logic controllers used at an Iranian nuclear facility.

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