Webwire: Bharti mulls Qualcomm spectrum, Apple queries browser claims

India's Bharti Airtel is in advanced talks to buy Qualcomm's BWA spectrum for $1.2 billion (€851 million) to $1.3 billion.
Blaze Software has published a report claiming that Android's web browser is 52% faster than the iPhone, but Apple and some analysts have questioned the methodology of the tests.
Vodafone is close to settling a tax dispute in India relating to its 2007 acquisition of Essar, but warns the $2 billion (€1.4 billion) settlement could put other foreign firms off investing in Indian companies in future.
ACS:Law, a controversial UK body accused of extorting alleged file sharers by threatening to take them to court unless they pay £500 (€572), will have to pay costs for a trial at London’s Patent Court after a judge threw the case out.
Wikileaks added fuel to allegations of corruption in India’s government yesterday, releasing a US diplomatic memo that hints at vote rigging to secure a nuclear agreement.
Australian government scientific research body CSIRO plans to demonstrate a new 12Mbps symmetrical wireless technology next week, which has been designed specifically to connect small towns to the country’s national broadband network

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