Webwire: Broadcom acquires NetLogic; RIM settles Dolby suit

Semiconductor developer Broadcom plans to expand its currently marginal presence in the networking equipment market, via the $3.7 billion acquisition of Silicon Valley-based NetLogic Systems.
RIM has settled a patent battle it had been fighting since June by agreeing to license audio encoding technology from Dolby Laboratories for use in its BlackBerry range.
Verizon Communications has ruled out a policy of paying Vodafone a recurring annual dividend for its 45% stake in Verizon Wireless, after the $4.5 billion dividend Vodafone is scheduled to receive in January.
Samsung may no longer make Windows Phone devices after the end of next year, preferring instead to push its homegrown Bada OS, according to tweets from an associate company.
Chinese web giant Alibaba got involved in the search business to make life difficult for Baidu, and challenge the nation's incumbent search engine for market share, according to CEO Jack Ma.
Website authentication firm GlobalSign aims to restart issuing security certificates today, after shutting down its systems to investigate claims of a hack attack.
Incumbent US games retail chain Gamestop will begin selling Android tablets, and may design its own controller add-on for the devices, in a tacit acknowledgment of the growing importance of tablets as a gaming platform.
Microsoft, Google, and operator Telstra have all decided not to renew their financial membership with Australia's peak internet body, the Internet Industry Association. The loss could be a significant blow, as member dues are based on market presence.