Webwire: BT raises prices again; ATT/T-Mo review restarts

BT plans to raise its UK landline calling prices by up to 5% in its second price hike this year and third since July last year - but has now promised to freeze the rates until 2013.
The US FCC has resumed its review into AT&T's planned $39 billion (€26.9 billion) acquisition of rival T-Mobile USA, after AT&T submitted new arguments in favor of the merger.
Microsoft has teased a quad-core tablet PC at a New Zealand tech conference. There is speculation that the device will be officially unveiled next month, and will use the upcoming Windows 8 OS.
A 19 year old developer of iPhone cracking web app JailBreakMe has accepted an internship at Apple.
Japan's Softbank will offload the bulk of its 4% stake in Yahoo to help pay down debt. The sale will not affect Softbank's 40% stake in Yahoo Japan.
Chinese microblogging site Weibu has closed the accounts of users who allegedly posted false reports, after the government pressured parent company Sina to help enforce censorship or risk losing its right to operate.