Webwire: China clears Samsung plant; Google axes Moto staff

Chinese authorities say they found no evidence that Samsung supplier HEG Electronics employs child labor. An investigation found that workers named in an allegation by China Labor Watch were all over the legal working age of 16.
Google will cut 4,000 Motorola Mobility jobs, and close up to a third of the unit's 94 offices worldwide, as it seeks to restructure its recent acquisition and restore the subsidiary to profitability.
Sources claim that Apple plans to start taking iPhone 5 pre-orders on the same day as the device's expected announcement on September 12, commence US sales on September 21, and begin rolling out to international markets in the first week of October.
Saudi Arabia's Communications and IT Commission has filed a notice to ICANN formally opposing the creation of a .gay global top-level domain, stating the move would “promote homosexuality,” which would be “offensive” to societies with moral or religious objections.
Taiwan's HTC is moving to expand its Chinese engineering team and sales channels, as it banks on the market to make up for market share pressures in the US and Europe.
A US court has cleared Google to appeal the granting of class-action status to a lawsuit by thousands of authors over its Google Books digital library plans.