Webwire: China internet base passes 500m; Apple concludes flash maker buy

Chinese internet users hit 505 million at end November, boosting penetration 3.4% to 37.7%, data from the China Internet Network Information Center shows. However, the country lags Asian neighbors, which have typical penetration around 70%.
Apple paid $390 million (€305 million) to acquire Israel flash memory manufacturer Anobit, significantly lower than the $500 million price originally touted.
Twitter yesterday slammed recent tweaks to Google search results that prioritize Google Plus, the search giant’s own social network.
A pair of Dutch ISPs have ten days to block access to file-sharing site Pirate Bay, or face fines of €10,000 a day, a court ruled yesterday.
Asia Pacific based firms are moving up US patent registration charts, however IBM remained the company that registered the most new patents in the country in 2011 – the 19th time in a row it has topped the table.
PC maker Dell is gearing up to launch its first consumer tablet PC by end-2012.

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