Webwire: DT targets fiber partnerships; Tablets hit PC sales

Germany's Deutsche Telekom plans to partner with rivals and energy companies to help fulfill its goal of passing four million German homes – 10% of households – with fiber by the end of 2012.
JP Morgan Securities predicts that tablets will evolve into a $35 billion (€25.3 billion) market by 2012 and have an increasingly negative impact on traditional PC shipments.
Google attempted to play down the impact of an error that saw the e-mails of thousands of Gmail users wiped yesterday, noting the problem affected less than 1% of its global user base.
Apple executives appear to have confirmed rumors that the company is planning lower-priced versions of the iPhone, including products designed to address the pre-paid market.
Australia's Greens party has called for the government to overhaul proposed legislation that would grant intelligence agencies more power to access and use data from telcos.
A former Apple staffer has admitted costing the firm up to $2 million (€1.4 million) by feeding confidential information to Asian components makers that they used to win contracts with the firm.
Neal Mohan, Google’s vice president for product management, predicts the market for online display ads will hit $100 billion (€72.3 billion) within a few years, from $20 to $25 billion currently.