Webwire: DT thrives in second quarter; Google settles Safari fight

Deutsche Telekom has maintained its full-year outlook, after reporting a strong 76.4% increase in bottom-line profit for the second quarter.
Google has agreed to pay a $22.5 million (€18 million) fine to settle an investigation by the US FTC into allegations the company used cookies to monitor Safari browser users who had opted out of being tracked.
RIM shares rose after a financial analyst speculated that Samsung may be interested in licensing the BlackBerry 10 OS, or even taking over the struggling smartphone maker.
Samsung is sending a team of inspectors to a Chinese manufacturing facility that makes some parts for the vendor, to investigate recent allegations that the factory employs child labor.
Ballantine’s has released a concept video of a proposed new wearable display technology, T-Shirt OS. The proposed product would be a T-Shirt with an LED screen connected to the internet, and be capable of displaying data including tweets or photos.
A Russian security company claims to have discovered a new virus in the Middle East that has links with Stuxnet and Flame – viruses believed to have been unleashed by the US and Israel targeting Iran's nuclear and oil industries.