Webwire: Elop signing on fee revealed; Google aids quake victims

Nokia is paying Stephen Elop $6 million (€4.3 million) in signing on bonuses, on top of his €1.05 million base salary.
Google has launched a person finder service for victims of a huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
The Iraqi government aims to raise $2 billion (€1.4 billion) from the auction of a fourth mobile license.
Insider sources say Zain has finally accepted an offer for its 25% stake in Zain Saudi Arabia, a sale which will clear the way for Etisalat to acquire control of Zain for $12 billion (€8.6 billion)
A judge has cleared the US government to access the Twitter accounts of suspects in its investigation into the leak of diplomatic cables by Wikileaks.
Bharti Airtel has withdrawn from the bidding to buy out the government's 30% stake in its subsidiary Bharti Hexacom, leaving only one participant left and potentially derailing the sale process.