Webwire: Ericsson launches m-wallets; iPad naming fight hits Shanghai

Ericsson yesterday launched two new mobile wallet offerings as part of a new suite of m-commerce products
A Shanghai court is considering whether to block iPad sales in the city, as a legal battle between Apple and Proview Technology over rights to the iPad name rumbles on.
US operator LightSquared plans to slash 45% of its 330 employees, in response to the US FCC's decision not to allow it to build a 4G network using satellite spectrum.
Japan's Softbank plans to light its TD-LTE compatible Advanced Extended Global Platform network this Friday.
RIM has added e-mail functionality and Android app support to its PlayBook tablet, but analysts believe it could be too little too late for the product that launched ten months ago.
Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holdings has offered up to HK$19.6 billion (€1.9 billion) for the 27% stake in subsidiary Alibaba.com that it does not yet own.