Webwire: Etisalat bins Zain deal; EMC's security unit hacked

Etisalat has dropped its bid to buy a controlling stake in Zain for $12 billion (€8.4 billion) due to political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, and disagreement among Zain shareholders.
Hackers stole information underpinning data storage vendor EMC’s security technology, which is used by military, government, financial and medical organizations.
ICANN has approved the use of the .xxx top level domain for porn sites, despite far from unanimous agreement from governments and the adult industry over the move.
IBM will pay $10 million (€7 million) to settle allegations it bribed South Korean and Chinese government employees to win business in the countries. The SEC estimates the firm made at least $5 million from the deals won.
IP holding firm Mosaid Technology claims 17 vendors including Huawei, RIM, Dell and Intel violate 16 Wi-Fi patents it holds, in a lawsuit filed in the US.
UK mobile phone retailer Phones4u, which has over 500 stores, has been bought out by BC Partners for nearly £700 million (€803 million).
US operator AT&T is targeting subscribers tethering via jailbroken iPhones, stating that they must have a tethering plan to do so and will be automatically signed up to one if they continue.