Webwire: EU probes Facebook privacy; Developers turn to Android

Facebook faces a probe by European Union data protection authorities after rolling out an international facial recognition tool that suggests names to tag on photos without the depicted people’s permission.
Apple appears to be losing developers to Android, with 67% of developers are writing apps for the Google platform compared to 59% for iOS, research by Bluevia and Vision Mobile shows.
Analysts are skeptical about rumors Samsung will seek to acquire an ailing Nokia, noting the Finnish vendor would add little value to the South Korean firm.
Google has incorporated public transport information to Google Maps, initially in six cities in the US and Italy. The service will include automatically updated arrival times and alerts.
US senators have urged authorities to crack down on the use of digital peer-to-peer currency Bitcoins, following reports they are being used to untraceably purchase illegal drugs.
Canada's Rogers Communications will first launch LTE in Ottawa in the summer, and aims to go live in three more cities by the year-end.