Webwire: Fears over Huawei security; Renowned developer blasts Apple

Security experts are concerned about the risk of spying after UK officials cleared Huawei to supply a mobile network for the London Underground.
Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts and Digital Chocolate, has blasted Apple’s app revenue model, which he claims makes it virtually impossible for developers to turn a profit.
RIM's marketing head Keith Pardy will quit the firm in six months after less than two years in the role during which time the firm’s cachet has diminished, analysts say. The vendor hopes fresh blood will kick-start its branding efforts.
The heads of India's major operators plan to meet with telecom minister Kapil Sibal in hopes of forging a truce in the nation's “telecom wars” and rebuilding confidence in the regulatory regime after a series of corruption allegations.
China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou said Apple is interested in developing a TD-LTE phone “at an early date.”
Australian police are concerned that a raft of new ISPs and services on the national broadband network will make it harder to track child porn traders.
SK Telecom will start carrying the iPhone on March 16, signaling the end of a two year exclusivity deal with rival Korea Telecom.