Webwire: Finnish operators lack power; HTC acquires multimedia player

Finnish mobile operators Elisa, Saunalahti and Kolumbus are in damage control after a severe electricity failure on Saturday cut mobile services for a combined one million subscribers.
Taiwanese handset maker HTC has bought UK digital multimedia company Saffron Digital for £30m (€35.5 million). Both claim the acquisition will not stop Saffron Digital from offering its wares to HTC's rivals.
US investment fund Harbinger Capital plans to today sell out of UK satellite operator Inmarsat. Harbinger has a 14% stake in Inmarsat, after selling half its stake for $660m (€484 million) in October.
Aircel, the largest supplier of in-flight Wi-Fi, has raised $35 million (€25.7 million) in operational funding as it gears up for an expected IPO.
Australian broadcaster ABC's contract to transmit the Australia Network in 44 Asian countries is soon to expire. Ministry DFAT plans to make IPTV a core requirement in a new tender for the broadcast rights.
Internet activist group Access has set up a petition to protest Vodafone Egypt's co-operation with the Mubarak regime, including complying with the communications freeze and sending pro-regime messages.
Hacker group Anonymous has attacked US security company HBGary, threatening to publicly distribute the majority of its business data, in retaliation for CEO Aaron Barr's attempts to track down key members of the group.