Webwire: France readies first Web bans; Prosecutors probe DT earnings

French authorities are on the brink of banning the first Web users accused of illegal file sharing. Some 60 users could be booted offline for a month under the country’s controversial three strikes rule.
German prosecutors are probing Deutsche Telekom’s expense reports following allegations of commercial fraud. A spokesman for the telco denied the claims.
Sony’s stock price fell 3.1% following reports it is close to buying Ericsson out of its Sony Ericsson handset joint venture for €1 billion to €1.25 billion
Smartphones could prove the only bright spot in Samsung’s 3Q earnings, with the firm predicting lower income overall due to declines in demand for its chips and flat panel displays.
US carrier Sprint is set to start taking pre-orders for Apple’s latest iPhone today, offering unlimited data plans.
A US survey reveals a third of teenagers have suffered a hack attack on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.