Webwire: Google censors sites for India; Vodafone ditches Wind deal

Google has complied with an Indian court order to remove content from its websites that authorities deemed potentially offensive. Facebook and Yahoo are other big-name web firms targeted by the order.
Vodafone has called off talks to merge its Greek unit with Wind Hellas, without providing a reason. European regulators are thought to have raised objections to the deal due to duopoly concerns.
At least 100 protests against controversial international anti-piracy treaty ACTA are planned across Europe this week, amid complaints the treaty threatens internet freedoms, and was signed by 22 EU member states without sufficient public engagement.
China Unicom faces legal action if it doesn’t apply for a license to operate its online maps service, according to the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation.
Samsung's US Super Bowl commercial – which shows a Samsung Galaxy Note user controlling the device with a stylus - has backfired, with many twitter users mocking the company for highlighting a technology viewed as obsolete.
HTC’s first quarter revenue forecast of between NT$65 billion (€1.6 billion) and NT$70 billion is well below analysts’ consensus prediction of NT$84.9 billion.