Webwire: Google digitizes British Library; Three compete for French football

Google is set to digitize 250,000 archived works held in the British Library under the pair’s first collaboration. Books written between 1700 and 1870 whose copyright has expired are covered by the scheme.
Canal+, Orange and Al Jazeera are competing for the TV rights to France’s premier soccer league, under an ongoing tender process covering the period 2012 to 2016.
Internet naming group ICANN will extend the number of top-level domain categories to account for growth in the number of languages now featured online. The first new domains, which could also cover specific industries and ethnicities, are due late 2012.
A health application designed by UK doctors has clocked up 8,000 downloads to iOS and Android devices since April, despite never being advertised.
Telkom Kenya is gearing up to launch 3G services in 3Q11. The France Telecom-backed operator is also installing 4G-ready kit to allow for a seamless future upgrade to that technology.
Long-delayed changes to India’s ‘do not call’ rules are due to be implemented next month. Operators will face hefty fines for breaching the telemarketing opt-out regulation, while all marketing calls and SMSes must feature clear prefixes.
Verizon is tipped to close the door on all-you-can-eat data tariffs on July 7, replacing them with tiered prices ranging from $30 (€21) for 2GB per month, to $80 for 10GB.