Webwire: Google loses Angry Birds; Battle royal in Mexico

Amazon will be the exclusive distributor of the next installment of the popular Angry Birds game, as the game’s developer spurns current distributor Google.
Mexico's top three operators are in a state of “total war,” according to a local telecom consultancy, as the convergence of voice, data and video services brings them into further competition with each other.
Nokia expects to complete interoperability tests of servers offering lawful intercept of e-mail in India within three months. India’s government is demanding access to encrypted messages for security purposes.
Saudi Telecom has increased its stake in Axis Indonesia to 80% from 51%, in return for providing a $370 million (€265 million) loan to the operator.
Jamaica's Digicel plans to buy rival Claro from owner America Movil, in exchange for its El Salvador and Honduras businesses, and a cash payment.