Webwire: Google plans Amazon-style retailing; Australia waits for Galaxy Tab

Google is putting the squeeze on Amazon's hold of next-day online shopping in the US, with plans for a new web retail service.
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 won’t be available in Australia for another week, after a court delayed the lifting of a ban on shipments to decide if Apple should be allowed to appeal the decision.
Social networks could yield the next generation of UK code breakers, after an intelligence agency issued a visual test via the sites in a bid to reach a different audience.
AT&T yesterday hit back at a damning FCC report on its planned T-Mobile USA merger, claiming the regulator rejects facts that don’t support its argument, and relies on speculation when evidence is lacking.
Google Chrome was the second most-used web browser worldwide in November, edging past Firefox with a share of almost 26%.

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