Webwire: Google takes on Nokia, MS; Skype targets a billion users

Google has filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft and Nokia with the European Commission, accusing the pair of colluding to use patents to stifle competition.
Microsoft's VoIP service Skype aims to quadruple the number of its users to one billion, according to company president Tony Bates.
Sweden's trade minister has added to the voices decrying reported plans from the European Commission to probe whether Huawei and ZTE are benefiting from illegal state subsidies, warning that such a move could backfire against EU telecom vendors.
Vodafone has launched a £70 (€87) Android handset for prepaid users. The Vodafone Smart II runs Android 2.3, has an 800MHz processor and 150MB of RAM.
Microsoft has released the final test version of Windows 8, lending credence to expectations that the product will launch in September or October.
Chinese search giant Baidu has launched its own custom Android ROM firmware. As with its Cloud Smart platform, the ROM replaces many of Google's services with Baidu alternatives.
A US judge has granted class-action status to a copyright violation case filed by groups representing authors, graphic artists and photographers against Google's efforts to digitize books for Google Library.